What does the FCT do?

The Forum for Cities in Transition (FCT) is a dynamic and lively network, offering practical support for those living in cities in conflict and real solutions to previously intractable problems. The primary premise of the Forum for Cities in Transition is that cities that are in conflict or have emerged from conflict are in the best position to help other cities in similar situations.

Forum for Cities in transition (FCT)

Member Cities of the FCT, whether as an incorporated body or agreed lead organisation within the city

FCT Network Fund

FCT is a means of providing practical assistance for FCT member cities to work together and deliver outcomes pledged at global events of the Forum for Cities in Transition.


The incorporated body or agreed lead organisation of an FCT city group and/or the FCT Secretariat, as appropriate (and where eligible to receive funds, under UK law).

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The fund will provide grant payments for agreed work, which will not be paid back.

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How does it work?

The core activity of the FCT is an annual meeting where each city, on a rotating basis, hosts its sister cities, to share with them where it was during the phase of conflict, where it is now and what its aspirations are for furthering reconciliation among its previously warring communities during the on-going process of transition.

Forum city group meetings

In order to sustain momentum, each Forum city group is encouraged to organise and hold regular meetings, to review the progress of their declared pledges especially. Minutes from these meetings are shared with the Forum Secretariat and other cities (as appropriate).

City-to-city exchanges

There have been several, very productive exchanges between Forum city members, on matters such as community-based policing (Mitrovica-Derry-Londonderry) and civil society development (Belfast, Derry-Londonderry, Haifa, Jerusalem & Mitrovica).

Online engagement

With the use of various social media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Skype, the Forum Secretariat and individual cities convene online for discussions and progress reports, with agreed actions.

Forum member trainings

Ongoing training and skill building workshops are held for member cities to enhance their capacity to create sustainable economic and social development, through sessions on business and entrepreneurship, good governance, leadership, management, and other topics related to the role of individuals and communities in conflicttransformation.

Annual gatherings

Each annual gathering is an extension of the meeting convened the previous year, resulting in an ongoing process coupled with the more regular online interaction and internal Forum city discussions. The host city decides the agenda for the annual gathering, which the Forum Secretariat structure into a coherent programme.