About Us

The Forum for Cities in Transition (FCT) is an international network of mayors, councilors, municipal officials, business people, and representatives of the voluntary and community sector. The Forum is an initiative of the John Joseph Moakley Chair of Peace and Reconciliation at the University of Massachusetts Boston. The Secretariat is shared by the Northern Ireland Foundation, Belfast and the Moakley Chair.

The FCT Network Fund is a means of providing practical assistance for FCT member cities to work together and deliver outcomes pledged at global events of the Forum for Cities in Transition. For example, this may include paying for a project manager for a few months, paying for physical materials, paying for venue hire and transportation costs to hold meetings.

Deliver real benefit to people’s lives

FCT has delivered an extraordinary array of practical support already, from police exchanges, community and mediation expert exchanges , to job creation and business development.

Examples of pledges delivered include:

  • The organisation and hosting by local Forum groups of large annual gatherings of the entire Forum membership (FCT 2010 Mitrovica, FCT 2011 Derry-Londonderry, FCT 2012 Kirkuk FCT 2013 Kaduna, FCT 2014 Belfast, FCT 2016 for reconciliation in Tripoli )

  • Joint policing partnership between the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the Kosovo Police; visit to Kosovo by PSNI & to Northern Ireland by Kosovar Albanian and Kosovar Serbian police officers.

  • Volunteering development and improvement in cross-community relations resulting from Mitrovica and Jerusalem visit to Haifa, to learn from youth initiatives (Haifa, Jerusalem & Mitrovica)

  • Increased practical knowledge of water infrastructure management (Haifa & Mitrovica)

  • Leadership capacity building, from University of Massachusetts one-year academic scholarship to two youth workers from Mitrovica, in residence in Boston; as well as a special citizenship award to two other youth workers from Mitrovica, which included a working visit to Northern Ireland (University of Massachusetts & Northern Ireland Foundation)

  • Economic development initiative, from a visit by Derry-Londonderry members to Trepca mining company, Mitrovica (Derry-Londonderry)