Financial assistance

The amount of funding provided will be about £1,000-£10,000 per project.

Who is eligible?

Member cities of the Forum for Cities in Transition, whether as an incorporated body or agreed lead organisation within the city.

Grant, loan, or gifts in kind?

The fund will provide grant payments for agreed work, which will not be paid back. Payments may be for costs to facilitate administrative work of an FCT city group and/or its FCT projects. This may include work undertaken by the FCT Secretariat for the benefit of an FCT city group.

Who receives the money?

The incorporated body or agreed lead organisation of an FCT city group and/or the FCT Secretariat, as appropriate (and where eligible to receive funds, under UK law).

How do I donate?

Links to unique crowdfunding pages are provided on individual project pages. You can also contact us to discuss your interest and support. Many thanks!

How do we bring this to life?

Public website

A fantastic archive of rich materials for peacebuilders to deploy in widely differing conflict transformation settings

Member intranet

An online collaborative network (Basecamp) with instant access for cities to share intelligence, seek assistance, and communicate solutions

Social media

Creative and colourful means of interacting across boundaries for social good


Legitimation and recognition by mainstream media for the painstaking work towards reconciliation on the ground

How do we raise funds for FCT?

Campaign targets

  • $25K per city for innovative learning and sharing

  • $50K per city for youth training in mediation and conflict mitigation

  • $100K per city for development work to marry social, political and economic cohesion, and embed the phenomenal progress made so far

Marketing plans

 Available on request.

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